Forward subfolder requests to different server using Page Rules?


We have our main app on Server A, and a WordPress blog on Server B.

Is it possible to set up Page Rules to achieve the following?* -> Server A* -> Server B

ie. we want requests under /blog/ to route to Server B, while all other requests should go to Server A.

Due to SEO constraints, we don’t want to use redirects or subdomains; all requests must remain on domain[.]com.

If this is not possible using CloudFlare, could anyone suggest some other options?

Thanks in advance! Luke


Hi Luke,

This is possible using Cloudflare Page Rules, however it is only available as an Enterprise feature.

You can read more about the Resolve Override Page Rule here:


Hmmm, thanks for getting back to me. We are prepared to pay Pro level pricing but even Business is too much for us at this stage. So unless there’s the possibility to upgrade to Enterprise for a special small business deal, that’s not going to be an option.

Could you suggest an alternative way to achieve this?


Hi Luke,

It is also possible to achieve this using Cloudflare Workers, you would need to write some javascript to detect the incoming path and enable a Cloudflare’s Resolver Override feature.


That is brilliant, I will investigate. Thanks for the suggestion!

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