Forward sub-domain to cloudflare's nameservers

Hi, soon I’m registering a domain from a ccTLD that charges for nameserver changes, so I would much rather forward a sub-domain from another domain I have to Cloudflare’s nameservers so I can easily change nameserver addresses if I ever need to.
I was hoping someone that had some experience doing something like this in the past could verify this is possible, or could give me a reason why it won’t work?

The only thing I’m worried about is, would I set it as an A address, or a nameserver, and can I just look up the IP of Cloudflare’s nameservers and use that, because it requires an IP not a name address.
I plan on testing when I have more time and will report back if no one has responded with their results, just hoping to get any input

You can’t add a sub domain here. To make use of Cloudflare you need to change the nameservers for your entire domain.

:wave: @leetcodes,

You can sign up for a business plan and then use Cloudflare in a CNAME setup. No need to change your nameservers!


sorry, you misunderstood, I want to keep one of my domain’s nameservers outside of Cloudflare and then point a few sub-domains to the nameservers that Cloudflare gives me, so that I can easily change nameservers by pointing the subdomains to different nameservers when needed
the reason for doing this, is .VI ccTLD charges $10 fee to make changes to nameservers or contact information.

e.g. use namecheap’s provided free DNS to setup 2 sub-domains and, then point these to and, then assign’s nameservers to and to point it to Cloudflare

I’m hoping to do something like this, with nameserver records: -> ->

but I’m not sure if it’s possible with nameservers, because I believe they are different DNS records than A record, or if Cloudflare’s nameserver IP addresses are static, which would cause problems because it’s not possible to point a domain to another name address

That’s pretty much what custom nameservers are (there’s also a bit more you need to do such as glue records otherwise things get a bit cyclic… how does one resolve when the lookups are made on etc.).

Available on Business and Enterprise plans only, I believe.

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