Forward Rules not Working

I have a domain name that I have set rules that forward it to a subdomain. This works as intended. Here is how I set this up: (These are examples, not the real domain names I am using)

https://** → 301 Perm →$2 (Rule 1)
I also set an AAAA record for the to: @ 100::
I also set an AAAA record for the www to: @ 100::

I have set another one up as follows:* → 301 Perm →$2* (Rule 2)
I also set an AAAA record for the classic to: @ 100::

When I go to, it sends me to, not to What am I doing wrong?

Page Rules trigger on the first match. It looks like Rule #1 is a match for

When it comes to Page Rules, your more specific matches should go first. Move “classic” Rule #2 up to the top, so it’s Rule #1.

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I switched them around. But it still does not work. Do I still need to keep the AAAA record ‘classic’?

You should keep the DNS record(s) for classic, and make sure they’re proxied.

If you need more help with this, please post an unredacted screenshot of your actual Page Rules.

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Thank you for your time.