Forward/Redirect to another domain name

With a free cloudflare account, how do I forward a Go Daddy domain secured with cloudflare ssl to a weebly domain?

A plain redirect to some other domain:

thanks, I will try it out…

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I set up the page rule for the forwarding; meanwhile, I noticed in my DNS management, rather than the orange cloud, some of the items in the proxy status say “DNS only”, and it displays the following message:

A few more steps are required to complete your setup.

Some of your DNS only records are exposing IPs that are proxied through Cloudflare. Make sure to proxy all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records to avoid exposing your origin IP.

How do I fix this? Right now, when I search my domain name, it takes me to an error page and I get the following message in the address bar:

What’s the domain you’re forwarding to your Weebly site?

‘www’ for your domain forwards to a Weebly site, but adds a $ to the end. You can probably leave that off. Without ‘www’, it hits that 404 error.

These indicate that your Page Rule from the tutorial is close, but not quite right. Can you post a screenshot of that Page Rule? It should be a Match for ** and a 301 Redirect to

I took off the $. From the tutorial I thought if I did a 302 redirect it was better because it would still show the original domain name. Should I also change that to a 301?

Your Match is close, but if you replace the www. (the dot, too) and replace it with a *, it’ll route all requests to the Weebly site.

301 and 302 behave the same way in the browser. The 301 just tells search engines that it’s a Permanent redirect, like you want to keep it “forever”, though you’re certainly welcome to change it. It’s more of a short-term plan. 302 if it’s just temporary, but 301 if it’s for the foreseeable future.

So you mean type in intentionfirst,com/ at the top?

Got it. Thank you for this, I’m almost there. It brings up a message that says “this connection is untrusted”, but if I visit the actual site it shows up as secure.

I’m also wondering about forwarding with masking, so the connection continues to show up without the weebly in the domain name

Ohhhhh…Change your forward to They don’t use ‘www’ for Weebly sites.

That’s Domain Masking, and Cloudflare doesn’t have a native function for that. You can search for “domain masking” here for more info.

ok - removed the www. we’ll see how that goes - thanks
I’ll check on the maksing

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