Forward proxy

Is it possible to use Cloudflare as a forward proxy. I know it can be used as reverse proxy.

What I would like to do is specifically route trafic from my server to Cloudflare and then Cloudflare should proxy (make a new request on behalf) and sent it to the destination.

Not in general, but there are two ways:

  • VPN vias Cloudflare Warp available at - uses a separate IP range and Cloudflare websites will still be able to see your real IP address
  • Cloudflare Workers can technically be configured to work this way, although that really goes against the spirit of what CF wants Workers to do, so you won’t find any help here setting such a worker up.
    • Also, CF workers passes along headers like Cf-Connecting-IP and Cf-Worker, so sites can easily detect its usage.

Does Warp rotate source IP address and is it only for querying DNS? I need to be able to make http connections to websites using rotating ip adresses.

The IP address generally rotates every time you connect, but once again Cloudflare websites will not see WARP’s IP and will instead be able to see your real IP address. Plus, Warp isn’t advertised as being used in this way (evading IP address blocks) so you’ll likely get booted off once you show signs of abusing the service.

Basically, you can’t use Cloudflare for this unethical purpose.