Forward Problem with HTTPS

I have a problem with the forward and CNAME. Basically when I type I want to be redirected to However when I tried to access the domain without www it does not redirect to www. It shows Now I assume that something its wrong with the redirect or with the CNAME. The CNAME its has the name www and the correct aias, and on the page rules forwarding URL with a permanent 301 redirect to* forwarding URL with a permanent 301 redirect to

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you

Post the domain and details in question.

When I tried to access this page does not work it says “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”
Here is the screenshot with my CNAME settings
This is for the Page Rule forward
Let me know what I`m doing wrong.

Thank you

Your naked domain wouldnt work in the first place as you have set up records only for www. That however works.

You need to set up an A record for your naked domain as well. And if you change *. to * in your first page rule you wouldnt need the second.

Thank you for your explication, is there a way to do that so when someone accesses without www to be redirected to www all the time. But my main concern is when I tried to access it like it does not redirect to www but instead it redirects to https://

You’d need to create a record for your naked domain. Technically that should be an A record pointing to the IP address, however I think - I am bit foggy here - Cloudflare allows via CNAME flattening also CNAMEs. So you could try to create a CNAME with @ as name and the cbud host as value.

As for your forwarding, I am not quite sure what you want to achieve. Could you provide a few URL examples of source and forwarded URL?

I have different pages so I want to be able to be redirected on the specified page. For example, if I want to access mydomain.comt/mypage to be redirected to
Upon that, I don`t know what to put at the end of the URL to be redirected on the correct page. Should be something like* because that might be the problem because it does not redirect on the correct page.

The help button under page rules refers to that exact example, you will also find sample rules showing what you need to configure.

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