Forward Only Domain

I have a .net and .com that I just want forwarded to the .org.
They are all on Cloudflare… the .org is hosted.

But the .net and .com are forward only domains.
If they are not hosted anywhere … what IP should go in the DNS?
Doesnt it have to be real?

This is what I was looking for because any IP does not work.
I was using the IP for the main website and I got an error that the domain is not associated to the webserver. I am trying now.

The 192 ip does not work.

I get - so Cloudflare does look for a good ip.

Error 522 Ray ID: 4f08ef731bf9b3d0 • 2019-07-03 12:42:15 UTC

Connection timed out

Any IP does work, assuming your page rule works.

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