Forward non-cloudflare domain to a cloudflare domain - HELP!

I updated a client’s site and moved it to a new domain. They wanted to keep the old domain but forward it to the new one.
I just put the new site on Cloudflare. Let’s call it
The old site was forwarded to this new site.
Since adding Cloudflare to the newsite, the no longer forwards.
How do I get the old site to forward again?

How is/was the old site being forwarded to the new one?

The site was and is being forwarded via a 301 redirect on the server. I’m using Hostmonster.

If you post at least the old site URL, more people can take a look.

I can’t imagine a scenario where a 301 disappears because the destination site is on Cloudflare. What happens when you visit the old site? An error? Or just the old site again?

Did you set up Cloudflare through Hostmonster, or did you set it up directly here? If you set it up at Hostmonster, they may have an oddball configuration that kicks all your domains over to Cloudflare and kills any forwarding you had.

Old url is and it should forward to
If I type in it goes to a hostmonster page.
If I type in it gets a 1001 Cloudflare error page.
Cloudflare is setup through Cloudflare, not Hostmonster.

Thanks for the help!

I’d try this (assuming there’s no more website at contourtool):

  1. Set up here at Cloudflare. It’ll scan DNS and should do a pretty good job of it. It’ll retain your current MX mail server settings. Don’t forget to set your name servers to use Cloudflare.
  2. Once that’s done, add a Page Rule to match ** and 301 redirect it to the new site.
    So now you’re completely bypassing your old hosting for contourtool and redirecting to your Cloudflare-fronted new site.

What I’m seeing is that is basically a parked page, for whatever reason. The www is aliased to, but that’s hosted at Cloudflare and isn’t going to respond to contourtool requests, hence the error.


Ah, that helps thanks.

So Cloudflare won’t proxy a domain that isn’t on it (it doesn’t know where to send the data). Right now it is set up as a CNAME in DNS which won’t work.

dig +short

As @sdayman mentioned you can do a 301 redirect if you move this domain to Cloudflare with a page rule. Or you can use .htaccess to set up a rule on the server hosting the contourtool site to do a 301 redirect.

I like the page rule solution. If your host has modern dns tools you can redirect right from there.

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