Forward IMAP, POP through Cloudflare on Webmail

I have just shifted my email server behind Cloudflare. It is working fine if i access my email box through webpage, it works properly, opens emails etc.

But my users on webmail they have configured smtp, pop, or imap on their phones, laptops and their settings are which is now resolving Cloudflare IPs and these all smtp, pop, imap services are not workign now.

So, webpage of my email server is forwarded perfectly but traffic of smtp, pop and imap are not being forwarded through Cloudflare servers, how i can pass through these services through Cloudflare

Cloudflare does not proxy email, so you need to make sure that all email related DNS entries are NOT proxied → :grey:

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I have already did that but still doesn’t work.

Can you share your domain name? Beyond what has already been offered, there is little more the Community can recommend without knowing that detail. - Domain Name.

I’m not sure why you are using your apex name as your MX host, but since it’s not proxied it should be fine, as long as you don’t need to proxy that name.

If you do need to proxy it, you would need to select a new name to use in the MX. If you use mail it wild need to be changed to an A record as it is not allowed to use a CNAME in an MX record.

Thanks for your reply. I will double-check it.

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If the entries are not proxied, you would need to contact your mail host as Cloudflare would not be involved. Verify if you have the correct entries of course.

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