Forward Apex and all other Subdomains to single Subdomain

I have a domain and want to host it as a static site on GitHub Pages.
However, should be the only URL that is displayed in the browser, as it is similar to, it makes only sense with a specific subdomain.
Therefore I want to redirect the root domain to as well as all other possible subdomains (or typos) to

What I have done (so far):

  • DNS: CNAME * wildcard to match all subdomains to
  • DNS: CNAME @ apex to
  • DNS: CNAME to
  • Forwarding Rule 1: to
  • Forwarding Rule 2: * to

However redirecting any subdomain to the abc subdomain doesnt work, I get an GitHub 404 and the url stays the same (

Hi @user16034,

Do you have an Enterprise plan? If not, you won’t be able to proxy the wildcard record so the page rule will only redirect subdomains with an explicit DNS record.

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