Forward all requests to a specific port?

How would I go about forwarding all requests to a specific domain to use a certain port each time? I tried utilizing page rules

But it didn’t seem to impact anything (The red is my domain name)

Any ideas?

This setup cant work. Page rules only work on proxied hosts (:orange:) but proxied hosts do not work with port 8090, as Cloudflare does not support that port.

What exactly do you want to achieve?

Apparently the panel I’m using can’t change the port so I’m stuck with 8090, my goal is to just forward the subdomain to use that port so it can utilize my panel.

That would not work in that way on Cloudflare.

You could either unproxy the “panel” record, but then it would point straight to your server and page rules would not work anymore or you could utilise a worker script (instead of a page rule) to manually tunnel all incoming requests to the given port.

Alright, thank you! could be helpful in this case.

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