Forward a traffic , like a proxy server


i have my own website hosted on my datacenter with domain name Mapped to my website via static public IP.

i need a proxy service on cloudeflare, so the traffic will be gone to cloudeflare and forward it to my website.

the DNS record on my domain name will be mapped to cloudflare IP address insted of directly to my datacenter.

so can i implement this on cloudflare ?


Cloudflare is a (reverse) proxy server, so it does this. Cloudflare DNS replaces your server’s IP address with Cloudflare’s public IP address, then routes traffic through Cloudflare before it goes to your own server.

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Thanks for your replay.

so how can I get a dedicated IP address from Cloudflare, and how can I forward the traffic from Cloudflare to my server?

which package provide my requirement, on free or PRO or Business or Enterprise.


I’m pretty sure Enterprise will get you a dedicated IP address. You can contact Sales to find out for sure. None of the other plans will.

I don’t think Cloudflare provides dedicated IP address for any plan.

Don’t know about it. But ask support to get clarity in that.

You just need to add your domain to cloudflare using nameserver change. Then add DNS records. Make sure to proxy :orange: all records.

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Thanks, it is works by default as a reverse Porxy.

but i have another question, there is any limitation on Free account ? like bandwidth ?

There are no limits for normal use, but if you abuse your bandwidth with streaming or large media files, you may violate Terms of Service 2.8. But you’d have to be really abusing the service to get kicked off.


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