Forward a port for only specific ips

How can i forward a port for only specific ips? (MikroTik RouteOS)

The question is not very clear but most likely you wont be able to do any of that.

Can you provide a concrete example?

Domain -> IP adress -> Port 1234 (opened only for CloudFlare proxy)

That still is not much of a concrete example.

But port 1234 would not work on Cloudflare anyhow. You can only use the officially supported ports. Use the search here for a list of them.

If it will be straight connect to ip address to port 12345 not through proxy, connection will be reset.
If this connection is through a proxy (domain), the connection will be established.

It still is not clear what you what you want to achieve.

But again, you wont be able to proxy that port.

Post the actual hostname and the port number you are talking about. 10894

That record is not proxied, so you can use that port without problems, as long as your server is configured for it (which it seems to -> Over Cloudflare it will not work.

Is that your question?

Also, even if you changed the port to a supported one it wont work as that does not seem to be HTTP.

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