Forward a Domain to URI, What should the A record be and what should the CName be?

First, I keep getting a message that new users can only have 2 Links in their post, so to reduce my number of “Links” in my question the variable X_DOMAIN will be substituted for my domain which I own and is being resolved by the Cloudflare DNS servers, and the variable Y_URL will denote the URL hosted at Microsoft, which I am trying to forward to (

Question 1

I am trying to make my Domain X_DOMAIN forward to a web page on’s site (Y_URL).

I do not own any host that this domain points to. The “Host” is Microsoft (a Microsoft Office Service). I am trying to use “Page Redirect” to Direct X_DOMAIN/ to Y_URL.

SO, if I configure the “Page Redirect” to point to my webpage on the Microsoft site, do I need to add a A record or a CName ? If so, what should they look like?

Question 2

Is there a way to do this direction/redirection only with A/CName records ONLY? Or is the Redirection the way to Go?

Thanks in advance for any responses, and with all respect and trying not to be offensive, if you answer starts with “I think”, or “You should be able to do _____”, I would rather you not respond. I am looking for, Do 1,2,3 and it works.

Thank you

You need an A record, but it doesn’t have to be valid. Use an IP address of The Page Rule will intercept requests for that domain and forward visitors to your Microsoft URL.

No, DNS won’t forward a visitor to a URL. You need a Page Rule or some other redirector.

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Cool, sdayman. I appreciate the response. I am going to try this. I do appreciate this.


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Exactly sdayman! This worked perfectly. I was partly there, but could not figure in my mind what IP to put in the A record, so I kept telling myself, “I have got to be on the wrong road here”. Once I put the A record to, it worked perfectly. Thank you, sdayman!

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