Forward a domain name using https

We have a domain that we want to forward to a different domain (example dot com forward to newexample dot com). That works just fine, unless the user had a bookmark for or uses https. They are both registered with the same registrar if that matters.

The old domain was hosted at shopify, but that has been turned off. So now the domain doesn’t have a web server it actually points to. No place to install a SSL Cert.

I thought I could put both domains in Cloudflare and use a page redirect but that isn’t working either.

It seems like the domain registrar is still involved and since there is no SSL cert for it doesn’t get past that stage and sent on to Cloudflare.

I tried to add a SSL cert at the registrar, but it asked for a CSR. No server hosting the site means no CSR, right?

Is there a way to get https exampl dot .com to forward to https newexample dotcom using Cloudflare and the domain registrar (no webserver to handle the initial https request at

I kept getting “new users can only post two links” errors so had to strip the post down. The Page Rule I used was: to

A 301 permanent redirect Page Rule ** to should work without needing to install the olddomain certificate.

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Thank you, that is what I thought and what I tried. However it didn’t seem to work.

Should I remove the DNS A record that has the IP address? I’m not sure what that IP address even points to, it isn’t the same as the new domain.

Can you post the domains and a screenshot of the page rules in question?

The A record is actually still required, otherwise it wouldnt resolve and wont fire the page rule either.

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Thanks for the clarity @sandro *pulling my post

old domain:
new domain:

The redirect seems to work.

That’s working just fine for me. You may wish to flush your browser cache.

this works? and

I cleared caches and even used Firefox (which I have not used in months). I think i may be my local ISP, even my phone (on wifi) was not forwarding. I tried again using LTE (WiFi off) and it worked on my iphone.

I’ve tried from several browsers and two different devices and it redirects fine from all.

Yes, they do work.

Thats good to hear. Thanks for checking and the help. I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get a response, if I got one at all. I’m impressed with the speed and quality of the help. Much appreciated!


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