Forward a domain at cloudflare to my website elsewhere

for some reason, i set up a page rule to redirect a domain registered at Cloudflare to an external website and i keep getting error 522. as if my hosting server is not responding, although it is extremely fast using the original domain name. this is just a simple redirect or “forwarding function”. here are however some not so normal details: the destination does have a /*** (sub directory). I am using a dummy ip address in cloudflare dns settings for the domain name and the www.
fact 1- if i swap the dummy ip address, it supersedes the redirect rule and DOES forward to the main website without the /sub directory. using dummy ip > goes no where.
forwarding domains here is anything but normal and i have no idea what the problem can be? could the connection be rejected through some code in my sub-directory? if so, what could that possible be?
thank you for any input.

Please share with us a screenshot showing your redirect rule. Be sure to leave out the domain(s) if you want us to test for you.

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