Forward a CNAME

Sorry confused on how to do something basic. We just want to forward a Cname to a seperate permanent site. No content on the CNAME, just forwarding.
auto forwards to >

How to do that in Cloudflare? keep getting a Cloudflare error 1004. Thanks!

If it’s just a forwarder, use a Page Rule:

Match* with a Forwarding URL (301) to

Awesome thanks for the answer to sue Page Rules. Unfortunately it is not working*
Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url:

Spot any errors?
Cloudflare says our CNAME was flattened. Everything else is working.

There’s no DNS record for that subdomain.

Got it, so looking in Cloudflare DNS. I could set it up as a CNAME but what would be the target of a CNAME with no web server? Sorry got so confused on this one.
Would the target be the same server name as our main url?

You mentioned CNAME in your original post, but I’d go with a dummy “A” record of

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