Forum showing CF IPs

Since this morning all visitors and members on my forum are showing a Cloudflare IP so my site blocks don’t seem to mean much, is this a temporary issue or would it mean using a different service?

I would post more and screenshots but can’t find an option to post directly to CF

PS bots including Google are also showing CF IPs so site is under attack from adbots etc right now as its a free for all

As all traffic is going through Cloudflare, this is normal.

Your can rewrite the IPs:

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I repeat “Since this morning”

normally I can see the member, visitor IPs so its not ‘normal’

The only way that could have happened is if you had been rewriting IP addresses before and something changed on the server.

When traffic is proxies by Cloudflare, it shows as their IPs on the server.


Ticket created, no point here