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What type of items are discussed on the Cloudflare forum?

Well, it’s the Cloudflare community, so Cloudflare related topics.

That can be a question regarding some specific non-standard behaviour of the Worker’s JavaScript engine (but not a question how one initialises an array), something about the proxy SSL stack, or even about the famous 5xx errors (which are mostly covered by #tutorial and existing threads already anyhow, however, and debugging a 524 and why your server takes too long is already outside the scope of the forum).

On top of that you have the categories at Categories - Cloudflare Community, where #setup for example is for any issues one may encounter when setting up his site or #performance for something Mirage or cache related.

What the forum is not intended to serve, are general IT or development topics. If you need to configure your webserver for the right ports or want advice on how to structure your JavaScript code, then the forum is not the right place and one discusses that better at more appropriate forums.

In case you are referring to Traceroute to ISP vmedia, then I am afraid was exactly a thread that is not supposed to be discussed here, as this was just a general network question and something specific to your ISP and its routing.


Doesn’t Cloudflare discuss routing and security such as DOH and network protection?

It seems strange a question about illegal IP routing is closed prior to the standard close date, and yet members engaged in trying to provide an answer and it was forced closed.

Yes - your thread wasn’t either of those relating to Cloudflare though.

Neither public routing nor general security topics are Cloudflare related, hence they are better suited for aforementioned other places.

As we addressed the question, closing this thread as well. If you have questions which are about Cloudflare, please feel free to open a thread, everything else → more appropriate forum.