Forum closes in 3 days

Why does the forum I opened called " Encrypted SNI not active" close in 3 days where others close in month?

Correct me if I’m wrong @cloonan, once a post is marked as solution, the timer will change to 3 days.

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That is correct :point_up_2:

And that is also correct :point_down: if there is no solution marked the topic remains open.

Was the forum named " Encrypted SNI not active" changed to solution? I have not seen a solution or a highlight for solution.

ESNI support in Firefox is not a Cloudflare issue. I don’t think you’ll get a solution here.

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And I don’t see the 3-day timer either.

Cloudflare provides the web test. Cloudflare ESNI Checker | Cloudflare
I would like to know if its compatible with ECH.

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