Fortimail DKIM Record issue

Have one question, I use Fortinet Fortimail Server.
First, the DKIM record was registered by Fortimail. I see up the following registration in a * .txt file.

f1._domainkey IN TXT (“k=rsa; p=” “MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEA0zGwS6WRDJCdZPUI6t8CHYYXj2YFb0sacHHXCbjQv8w+qyvf9ilj0B0lde0qOSauM3upzcqKWyMsaZMANgItR7aH86pbBQ7Acai8UvUU0KU6fNmzTkU8Wm4c8H4wa2VcKMZhx/OSpSgUswcfmoARLOAC5kpE” “Ou/6jXBl8tckfKTYwJBZOUnpMR9mIXzod5k1cbDlC0Sq8cJ7EWM7RS33Tct+D/494wxbsMrpaINBfNChcir2uCn+2NDrCguUoEcEVC+99pd8nyJi9TCFCf9mukAPlMkfMHB82HkFek/MWRrXSiZBM/5Br81ijvSoF+CjjPpk9B9QR1Gy3d6WsNHx2QIDAQAB”)

I am creating an A record in DNS for this record.
I have a problem when I check on and Check a DKIM Core Key web site.

How should I do this?
Many thanks for your helps.

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