Forms on Cloudflare Pages are Needlessly Complicated

I use Cloudflare Pages all the time, but forms are just an absolute mess.

What I want to do is have a basic contact form; name, email, and message boxes. User hits the submit button, and I get an email from Cloudflare with the result.

So this is how Netlify works: you just add the ‘netlify’ attribute in the tag and configure where you want the resulting email to go in the settings. Simple.

Cloudflare: you have to work through documentation to figure out how to get Workers to intercept the form, muck around with Wrangler for some reason, write all the code yourself, and then you still have to use a third-party system like mailgun to actually send the email at the end. Even the Static Forms plugin is bafflingly vague on how it works. Like, why do I need to install a package manager for this?

It’s so needlessly complicated, that if I’m making a site that requires any type of form, I’m using Netlify.

This should be a one-click thing. Add an attribute to the form, tap into Cloudflare Email Routing to send.

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Hi there,

That’s understandable, but note that pages is basically a worker in disguise :disguised_face: and allows you to have very precise control over every aspect of your page to the tiniest detail.

If forms is something you often do, a possible time saving option, is to create a git repo with all your code and then clone it and link it to your pages project.

Take care.

Thanks, but to be clear I’ve never managed to get forms to work on Cloudflare.
Is there even a way to get Workers to email me natively? Best I can tell, there isn’t.

My question here is more of a “a competitor has figured this out- what’s your move?”