Former owner is an stupid

Good afternoon, I am a citizen of Russia. And my knowledge of English is very small. I would be grateful if you answer my question in an email.
Our domain it is glued to CloudFlare. But the former owner sold her cafe along with this domain. she doesn’t know the name and password. In general, the problem is as follows. Something happened to the dns addresses of the site and the site crashed. The technical support of the domain said to contact the hosting, the hosting itself said to blame the domain. We decided to make a reconstruction. We will transfer the domain from them to others. But I also hope for your help. You can either throw off the DNS settings from the account that you forgot and transfer to the account from which I am writing to you. Since it is written in my account that there is no such domain, create one. Thanks for the reply.

The domain is registered and theoretically does point to Cloudflare, however it appears to be currently suspended by the registry.


You’d need to talk to the registry or your registrar to get this fixed. I am afraid Cloudflare can’t do anything here.

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