Form Submission on Website Blocked By Cloudflare?


We use CloudFlare to host our website, but for the past couple of months, our forms have not been working. It seems they are being blocked by Cloudflare. We use both Contact Form 7 and WP Forms.

When I do a connectivity test through Postman SMTP, I get the message “service not available”:

Transport Socket Status* Service Available
SMTP Open No

Port 25 is open, but not to

It seems to be not connecting to the server?

Does anyone know how we can fix this?

p.s… I am not a developer or even close to one, I’ve scoured the internet for answers but the lingo confuses me more. So beginner level would be totally helpful.


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Kindly, may I ask what are the DNS records for your e-mail servers at your Cloudflare dashboard?
Also to note here, are they :orange: cloud or :grey: cloud?
Cloudflare by default does not proxy an e-mail over the known ports for e-mail, rather just HTTP/HTPS traffic.

Moreover, as far as you are using using WordPress and some of the plugins for “contact form”, considering your Office 365, may I ask if you also use WP Mail SMTP and have you configured your Contact Form to send e-mail using your external e-mail server (not the web hosting one)?

Could you try to configure it with this plugin here?:

Here is a tutorial for it:

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