Form on Page doesn't always load correctly

Hello, We have an issue with a form not that doesn’t always load correctly. When I clear the Cloudflare cache, it resolved the loading issue for a couple of days (or more). However, the issue always comes back. I’m hoping to find a permanant solution to this issue. Any insight or ideas would be immensely appreciated!

This is the page with the form that is having the issue:

Hi there,

I would state that for those kinds of interactive forms, just like for carts, you should consider bypassing cache all together, not to risk having private cached content.

To prevent cache there, please create a cache rule by going to Caching > Cache Rules and create a rule like this:

This was the expression I used:

( eq "" and http.request.uri.path contains "cart") or ( eq "" and http.request.uri.path contains "cbd-wholesale-quick-order-form")

Take care.

Thank you! I changed the rule I had setup to your suggestion. I will update this post if there any issues.

Thanks again for your assistance. Much appreciated.