Forgot to Purge Cache before removing website from Cloudflare

I forgot to Purge Cache before removing website from Cloudflare. as a result, my website is still showing a cache version in browsers.

is there any way to delete the cache from my visitor’s browsers?
I have deleted my phone cache too but still, it is showing the same thing. this problem is vacating my visitors because the only thing they can see in cache version which shows Future home of something quite cool on the website.

however, everything is working fine in my laptop’s browser maybe its because I’m the admin.

Once you set a visitor’s browser cache for a long duration, you can not undo that. Even Purge Cache won’t purge your visitors’ browser caches.

sdayman i have another issue if you have any idea please help me.

i fixed the previous problem by deleting website and restoring it back.

Then i added website again to Cloudflare. the website is wroking fine with ssl but im facing 404 crawler errors not for visitors.

Google search console, bing webmaster is showing 404 error but website is working fine for visitors.

Broken link checker tools such as screaming frog seo spider, and siteliner are showing 404 error too.

I’m facing huge ranking loss because of all this. please if you have any idea then reply ASAP !!

I thought that it was due to DNS propagation tell me your opinions too.

only the home page is showing status 200 and rest of the pages are 404.

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