Forgot to disable DNSSEC for Google Domains

I have a website on Google Domains that I am trying to transfer and I forgot to disable DNSSEC. Is there any way to fix this, because right now trying to remove DNSSEC on Google Domains says “Domain has server lock.” And, on Cloudflare it says “transfer conditions not met”


Isn’t it because the “Domain has a server lock” the very reason why Cloudflare says “transfer conditions not met”?

Domains need to be unlocked before they can be transferred… with or without DNSSEC… and irrespective of what hosts you’re transferring to/from.

Have you unlocked the domain at Google Domains?

Yes, the Google Domains part has been unlocked.

On a specific Cloudflare page, it says that you need to remove DNSSEC before you transfer:

This is a more likely answer:

My domain is under the pendingTransfer status and Cloudflare won’t accept it.

@aminiuser1 if you’re still having issues, can you open a registrar ticket with Support and share your ticket number here?

Hey @cloonan I already submitted a ticket, but thanks for the reminder!

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Ticket number 2845418

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All that the support agent did was redirect me back to here, what should i do?

I think two things, first, can you contact your former registrar and ask them to remove the DS record and see if after they do that if you can disable DNSSEC at the former registrar. I am not sure if our team can assist but I will flag this post for their attention justincase.

Thank you very much @cloonan for helping. I will contact my registrar and follow back up.

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Hello @cloonan this morning I contacted Google Domains support. they said that they would send me an email to speed up the process, but they said to disable DNSSEC, I have to get Cloudflare support, since they are the ones with the name servers.

That Google response is mistaken and ignores how DNSSEC actually works. Alteration to the DNSSEC staus for a zone occurs in the parent zone’s nameservers. In the case of a registered domain, those nameservers are usually the root nameservers which are updated by the registrar.

That is what I thought as well, since I had to configure them. Would you like to see the chat logs?

Oh, and they didn’t send me an email. Google and cloudflare support are kinda bad now.

Not particularly. Hearing of it second hand is painful enough.

This is what appears after I try to fix it:

Based on what you have shared, I expect that to be a Google interface. Cloudflare has no access to Google systems to assist with that.

After 5 days, the transfer request should fail and hopefully leave you able to adjust your DNSSEC at Google on your own.

You could also try to escalate at Google. My own experience with that has been neither positive nor completed within that short of a timeframe, but YMMV.

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Will the money I paid for a new domain be refunded from Cloudflare?