"forgot password" email not arriving

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What is the domain name?


By the way, I had to open a new account to create this forum post. The domain should be registered to. That is the account that is not receiving the password-reset instructions

Have you searched for an answer?

(No password-reset email was received under both possible email addresses)

Please share your search results url:


When you tested your domain using the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center, what were the results?


Describe the issue you are having:

Didn’t remember my password, and never received the password-reset email to ``

What error message or number are you receiving?

No password-reset email received after clicking “Forgot Password” URL on your login page

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

  1. Clicked Forgot Password
  2. Read other forum posts with this issue
  3. Googled the issue

Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?


What are the steps to reproduce the error:


Have you tried from another browser and/or incognito mode?

Yes and N/A

I do not show an account using the email you shared. Did you add the site to Cloudflare yourself or was it done by someone else? If so, could it be in their account?

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Do you show my TLD correctly?

Second question: if I registered that domain at GoDaddy, would they be where I should go to manage my DNS records, then, instead of directly to you?

Looking up


Securitytrails shows namerservers changed to Cloudflare about 5 months ago.

godaddy/your registrar is where you’d go to set your nameservers to point to Cloudflare nameservers, at that point, your dns records are added to Cloudflare and you’d manage them in the DNS app of the Cloudflare dash

How can I put both of these together, alternatively, create my access to that TLD?

The work email username is the one preferred to be able to manage all DNS records then, at your console?

I still don’t have an email that lets me reset my password. Thank you!

You’d need to add the domain (zone) to the account you are using here and change the nameservers at your domain registrar to the two in the account you are using here.

The email used to create the account that holds the active zone (domain) is the only account that Cloudflare Support is authorized to work with. We see similar instance where a developer added a site to cf and then passed away or otherwise severed relationship with the domain owner. If you cannot recover access to the account that holds the domain, there is no option other than to move it to an account you can control.

In September (22nd) of last year, you (Cloonan) were able to see an email address in something you called a “Suppressed List.” Due to that, you were able to remove a bad email address from that list so someone else that had the same trouble I’m having now was able to recover.

Why can’t I see that same level of assistance, please?

Recently (within the last 12 months), I was logged into something to insert an MX record… Is there any way that you can see an editing history to show that to be true?

While I completely understand security principles and your desire not to have my TLD hacked, I did NOT get an email about 5 months ago (reading from that other ticket here) telling me that this whole mess was moving to Cloudflare… I don’t know how in the world I got here, nor do I want to spend the rest of my life trying to solve this… PLEASE let me know what to do here. I need to add SPF, DMARC and DKIM records ASAP.

Is it possible that you can you direct me to a step-by-step document that can tell me how to fix this issue, please?

You just need to contact us from the account that holds the domain (zone).

If you cannot, the first thing you need to do is


Sorry for the frustration, whoever did add your site to Cloudflare was able to have your registrar change the nameservers, indicating they controlled the domain. If you cannot find that person or do not know who that is, you need to contact your domain registrar and ensure that only you have access to that registrar account.

There are good #tutorial that can help you with the step by steps to add DNS records to your new account.

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