Forgot my email and password

I have forgot my email and password for my old account, and I have now create a new account as FAQ guided. But when you transfer the domain to the new account I will receive new NS servers and I need to change the old NS to the new ones where the domain is listed, but the problem is that I don’t want to change the NS Servers. Can I not have the same old NS servers though I create a new account on Cloudflare?

Nope. First, you don’t want someone hijacking your domain by doing what you’re trying to do. Second, the old NS servers are configured to route data through a specific path with specific features from your old account.

There’s no way around it. You need to use the new Name Servers…unless you can recover your old account.

Have you tried digging through old email for Cloudflare messages from the original account?

Why would you not want to do that?

Ok totally understand that. The problem is that we work with a third party and if I change the NS servers the site will be down for a while recording to the third party, and we can not let that happen.
The issue from start is that I did create a new email address for the domain name that we have with godaddy. And godaddy says that I need to verify my domain, and as the DNS is you guys, I have to change the TXT Record. But that is the problem, I can not change it because I don’t have access to the old account with you guys. Is there some possibility where we can change TXT record on the old account any way?

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