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As FAQ guided, I have created a new account, but when adding domain some sub domains are not visible in the scanned DNS records, if I point the NS to new servers, will it lost not shown DNS records?

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You can add the subdomains and IP addresses to the DNS page at Cloudflare.


unfortunately we don’t have full list of records, is there any alternative to find them?


Your old name server should still have all of them. If you log into your hosting account, you should have access to this listing.


most of them are cname records, is there any possiblity to identify the email address which manage the domain?


FYI : previous DNS management is on Cloudflare and we cannot find the cloudflare account email


That’s a problem. You’re just going to have to go to the source of each of those subdomains to get the IP addresses.

Have you gone through your email archives to find old messages that may have your email address from Cloudflare?


yes, but unable to find it. is there any alternative method to recover?


Not likely. Cloudflare isn’t going to hand that info over to you without account verification. You could open a Support Ticket and give them as much info as you can regarding your old account, but it’ll take a while. And that’s on the slim chance you can convince them you’re the other account owner.


can u guide me how to open a support ticket pls


Try this page:

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