Forgot Client

Hello everyone, I am in a bit of a situation, I have multiple tunnels, and I can’t remember where I installed the client for one of them so I can update it, is there any way to find out which client a tunnel is installed on from Cloudflare side? I already tried manually checking my servers and couldn’t find it. Thank you.

What client details are you looking for?

You get the connector IP by clicking the tunnel then the connectors and clicking the ID.

Thank you for the info, I had already checked there, but it gives me an internal address,, which I don’t use in my network. O use 10.x.x.x. But I figured it out after going crazy all afternoon! When I was setting up Uptime Kuma, I created a túnel directly on the container using their API, that’s why I couldn’t find it in any of the servers, because it was within a container!