Forgot access to account

Hi, if forgot login and password to account and email (know only domain name my site). What should i do?


It’s going to be difficult without knowing which email address you used. You can use the forgot password link on email address that you might have used and see if anything comes though.

If you cannot access the e-mail address associated with your account on Cloudflare or can’t discover which e-mail address it is, you would need to open a new user account with Cloudflare.

Yeah, without a decent idea of what the email address would be it’s probably going to be easier to create a new account, add the domains there, and when you are finished change the name servers to the new pair from the new account.

When I forget, I go to my email program and search for “Cloudflare” and then check what email address they sent the message to.

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Can support check domain name and find out email? And let me know that I could resend password.

Nope. If they don’t know you’re the domain owner, they’re not going to give you the domain owner’s email address.

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What if you know the email on the account, but the email has been hacked and consequently the log in credentials have changed? My payment method is still listed and I was billed again 2 weeks ago and have that invoice to provide as well.

What options do I have in that scenario?

If the email address is still on the account, you will have to regain access to that before you can get back into your Cloudflare account. If the email has been changed or you can’t recover it, you will need to create a new CF account, add your domain to that account, and then switch the name servers at your registrar to match those in the new account.

The problem is they’ve hacked my G Suite, and consequently everything else. I’ve got original emails, I’ve purchased and still pay for everything, have bank statements, credit card records, old log in credentials, state and federal documentation proving I’m rightful sole owner of the company, yet Cloudflare has done nothing for me. I’m being run around by namecheap, Cloudflare and google, even though I’ve purchased all assets still in use without my access and still continue to pay. And somehow, proving that you’re the owner of a company and have paid for everything doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s quite sad and unbelievable actually.

I’ve already responded to your query in another thread and support has responded to your query as well. Demonstration of positive domain control through your registrar is the only mechanism Cloudflare will accept to validate account ownership.

Once you have regained access to your account with your registrar you can demonstrate that control to create a new account with Cloudflare or the service provider of your choice.

If I am to create a new account and add the domain again, will it copy over the zone records from the previous account?

No, Cloudflare accounts won’t copy over any settings from another Cloudflare account.