Foreign data wrapper in Postgres for Durable Objects or ideally - for D1

Hi everyone - I run a workflow SaaS called Tallyfy - and my specific interest is to keep our current Postgres (RDS) database - but allow specific data for specific tenants to be stored in specific locations for compliance reasons.

In other words - if one of customers asks us to store their data in Germany - we want to be able to continue using our existing Postgres schema/database in the US, but for all (custom-defined) form fields or comments (for example) - they’d be stored in the country of choice as a durable object or D1 database specific to that customer.

Does anyone know of any such foreign data wrapper for an existing Postgres database which can enable us to point Postgres to fetch data from a Durable Object or D1 DB, without changing the fundamentals of our Postgres schema and REST API?

To me - if Postgres didn’t care where the data lived (via a foreign data wrapper) that would be a great way to inch forward with Durable Objects or D1 and benefit from their specific strong point - guarantee data lives in a specific country. Any ideas appreciated.