Forcing an update of users browser cache when an image with same file name is updated on Cloudflare servers

Our business process is such that when we update an image we keep the image file name the same.

However, since we started using Cloudflare we have started running into an issue that users are not seeing the new version of images in their browser - despite having flushed the cache on Cloudflare’s servers.

We’d rather not change our business process to start changing image file names every time the image is updated. Is there any other way that we can force users browsers to fetch a new image when an image has been updated?

Thanks for any suggestions!!

You can use a Page Rule to change the Browser Cache TTL so their browser doesn’t cache images for so long. This won’t interfere with Cloudflare caching that image. If you purge the Cloudflare cache when you update the image, browsers will get it within a few minutes:

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