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Hello, I have activated Google WorkSpace and configured the MX for sending through Gmail. However, the SMTP shipments from my website continue to reach the old destination. From Google they tell me that I have to request the form to force the MX lookup so that the emails are delivered to Google. Can be done? How? Thanks.

Check your MX records. Is it set as recommended by Google? If yes. That’s all needed at CF end.

Yes, it is configured according to Google, but the outgoing SMTP emails keep reaching the old server. From Google they tell me that I should force MX lookup. That’s the problem.

You can purge MX records cache here

PS. If you’ve recently started using Cloudflare NS, make sure DNS entries are correct and wait for 48 hours for the nameservers propagation.

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What is the domain name?

Are your MX records pointed to an A record (hostname) with your IP address and is that A record :grey: at your Cloudflare dashboard?

Thanks. The domain name is MX records are now from Google because we use Workspace. The rest is still listed in the Regional Fair. The mails are sent correctly, except for SMTP that keep reaching the old server, successfully by the way. It is not a serious problem, but I get to two different boxes, emails from the same domain.

We have 2 directions in email.

  1. Incoming email: when other send email to your domain

This is done by using MX records, as long as you have your MX records point to google and you have a valid account on Google Workspace. They will be able to store your email and you can see it on their UI. Which I assume you have no issue so far on this part, so we’re good.

  1. Outgoing email

This is when you send out email to others, using a SMTP server, which I assume will be gmail smtp at In this case, your mail client is configured with a credential to send email.

I assume that this is where your problem is. You outgoing mail still being routed to your old server, instead of going to to leverage Google mail server.

If this is the case, double check your client configuration. Maybe it was configured with the old credential and connect to the old ip address directly.

What is your email client? Thunderbird/Mac Mail app or some script?

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