Force SSL not working


I had to move hosts about 2 weeks ago, I’m told the origin server is set up correctly for our CF business account but I have problems with 2 things

  1. non SSL URL will go to an error 1020 at CF but if I refresh the page after landing on the page the site will load.

  2. Non SSL will not redirect to HTTPS://

Could this be a origin host setup problem? as I had a lot of issues getting them to set this up and lock down the server to CF Ip address and so on…Or is this In the setup in my account?

For starters, with your current encryption mode, you have a security issue.

Ok thanks I can fix that, But still have other issues on hand with the setup atm.

All right, what’s the domain?

I can’t post it in public sorry. As its under a sale right now.

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