Force re-check of DNS nameserver

I’m trying to re-add my domain to my account by repointed my dns to Cloudflare. I already had the account configured to use Cloudflare, but I wasn’t taking advantage of the DNS server option. I’m trying to do that now so I’ve changed my DNS records to point to Cloudflare, but my account in Cloudflare still shows “pending nameserver update” is there a way I can force it to recheck the nameserver? According to betterwhois the update has been propagated already.

When I log into my account and look at the main page for the domain it shows a blank contents where as for my other domains after I added them it showed an area where I could queue the nameserver to be checked.

Do the instructions now tell you to use the Brad and Dee name servers?

Good news even though my landing page was blank when I let it sit Cloudflare eventually found it after an hour or so. My other domains was a lot faster, but at least it eventually came.

Thank you sdayman for your answer.

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