Force Let's encrypt as Universal SSL

Do you know a setup which would force cloudflare to issue Let’s encrypt instead Google or DigiCert ssl as Universal SSL?

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You can exercise control over the issuing CA with Advanced Certificate Manager. Before you purchase that, you may want to share why you want Let’s Encrypt certificates.

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Hello, thank you. This is a configuration requirement. I can only speculate what the real reason is.
Regarding the Advanced Certificate Manager it seems it is per website not per account or am i wrong?
There is no option to activate that for the whole account?

It is billed per domain.

As far as the official response is concerned,’s answer is absolutely accurate.

There is an unofficial way to switch to a Let’s Encrypt certificate, but as per Cloudflare guidelines, I am afraid I cannot elaborate on that. The search may have more. Though that’s unofficial and may change.

Officially → what wrote :slight_smile:

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