Force HTTPS doesn't seem to be working for my site



Hey everyone, for some reason my site is not being forced to use HTTPS even though I have Always Use HTTPS set to On, ** Automatic HTTPS Rewrites** set to On, and SSL set to Flexible.

For example please try to go to this URL:

What could I be missing? Thanks! :grinning:


Make sure the root domain is :orange: and there are no page rules changing the SSL setting to off.


@Judge thanks! And what about if some reason the :orange: does not get added when I add a new record (even though that’s what it’s set to when I click Add Record?


:orange:/:grey: is just a Cloudflare toggle you can click to switch on to Use or Bypass Cloudflare. If there’s no cloud to click on, then you won’t be able to toggle Cloudflare. That would mean it’s either under someone else’s control, such as a CNAME that points to a service that’s already using Cloudflare, or it’s a type of DNS entry that doesn’t go through Cloudflare, such as CAA or TXT records.


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