Force Cloudflare to Refresh .htaccess?

I tested Cloudflare’s “Server Push” by adding a “Header add Link” statement to my .htaccess file. It worked well, but I decided to disable it later for various reasons.

Unfortunately, Cloudflare continues to push the file even after I’ve removed the directive! Is there an expiration time or a “refresh” time before Cloudflare stops pushing files that are no longer specified in .htaccess?

Can I force Cloudflare to re-examine the .htaccess file? Can I specifically tell Cloudflare to stop pushing a JS or CSS file?

Have you tried a Purge Everything in the cache settings page?

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I’ve tried purging the specific files in question, with no change - they’re still getting pushed - first with a “MISSED” cf-cache header, then with a “HIT”.

I would prefer not to purge absolutely everything because it takes so much time for all the EDGE notes to warm up, and my site takes a tiny performance hit for a while until they’re all primed again…

Is there no choice other than to purge everything, instead of the specific files in question?

Update: I bit the bullet and purged the entire cache, that solved the problem! But then I had to use a proxy from several locations to “prime” the cache of various EDGE servers. Annoying!

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Is there a way to refresh the .htaccess file WITHOUT Purge Everything?
I guess it should be possible for Cloudflare to programm Custom Purge in a way that the file “.htaccess” will be accepted?

.htaccess is not something that Cloudflare will evaluate, and normal practice would have your origin server not deliver that file at all. That file is evaluated by your Apache webserver, and not by Cloudflare.

Have you tried to purge the files that contains the link headers?

After I’ve purged all html-files the server push of CSS-files via my .htaccess works well.