Force Cloudflare routing through a different datacenter?


For the past couple of days, Cloudflare has timed out or takes a long time to load my site through North American datacenters only; everywhere else is fine. My server is hosted with Datapacket (CDN77). Is it possible to route traffic through Europe only? Support has not responded to my ticket for over 48 hours so I’ve disabled Cloudflare for the time being.

Where you are being routed to, depends on your ISP’s decisions, including their peering arrangements with Cloudflare, and whether these peering arrangements (if they have such) are done locally or far away.

If your provider from Europe does not want to peer with Cloudflare within Europe, and is only peering with Cloudflare in e.g. North America, then traffic from that ISP will be sent from Europe and to Cloudflare’s PoP in North America.

There is no ways for you to control or otherwise influence that.

I believe my provider has direct peering with Cloudflare in LAX ( but there’s an issue on Cloudflare’s side that’s causing the spike in 522’s

Do you have any additional information about this?

As well as information on what makes you believe that an eventual issue would be on Cloduflare’s side here?

Unfortunately I cannot run an mtr from Cloudflare’s side. I spent yesterday trying out a couple other CDN services and didn’t run into this issue. I also have another server with a different provider, but with the same upstream and Cloudflare does not time out.

Running mtr’s from host to Cloudflare from the affected server and non-affected server show the same exact routes so it cannot be an issue on the host’s side.

Two different CDN services, even if they look identical on the surface, might not run things the exact same way, and might not always be possible to compare that easily in order to put the blame to one company or another.

That does not necessarily mean that the blame is on Cloudflare’s end.

Can you possibly share any of these mtr’s, as well as well start/end timestamps (+ timezones) for them?

I still haven’t seen any evidence that it isn’t on the host’s side.

Nor have I seen any evidence that it is on Cloudflare’s side.

If there was a problem with Cloudflare (e.g. in LAX according to your first post), my bet would have been that the Community would have been filled with similar requests, however, I see nothing indicating any issues with Cloudflare.

That is why I am asking for any kind of evidence that you have, that is pointing towards Cloudflare being the problematic end.

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I’ve resolved the issue by forcing Cloudflare traffic over IPv6 where Cloudflare is a downstream of my upstream. Not what I would have liked but will do until Cloudflare resolves the routing issues in US west.

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