Forbidden error

I transferred my domain from Godaddy to cloudflare, everything was working accordingly until this morning when I got the 403 forbidden error when I tried to load up my website. Now I an unable to log into my wp- admin too.

Please Help


no idea?
as in after i follwed a tutorail on how to tranfer the domain to cloudflare

You don’t know if your site was working on HTTPS before?

For now, use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the lower right corner of the Overview tab at, then wait five minutes. After that, see if your site works with HTTPS.

thanks for your tips, i am waiting to see if it works, fingers crossed

sorry bad answer. yes it was working on https

it didnt work, it got the error messege

If Cloudflare is paused and you’re getting that error, then it’s coming straight from the server. You’ll have to work with your host to resolve this if you can’t track down the cause.

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