Forbidden error 403

from yesterday my site is showing forbidden error 403. please tell me what is the matter and what should i do to resolve it.

Would you mind telling us the domain?


This is something that needs to be done on your server.
Check the file permissions, any .htaccess and so on

And the site also doesn’t load everytime.

As i said. You need ti check your webserver. I can see an active SSL certificate (you are using ‘Flexible’ here) from Cloudflare, and the 403 is provided by your origin.

I don’t know your server config so it’s hard to say antything.

This are the most common reasons imho.

What i need to change in the file permissions or .htaaccess

Nd how to do it as I’m unable to access dashboard

Okk thankyou…for being available…

Which dashboard?

WordPress site dashboard

Yes. It seems that the webserver is not allowed to access your www folder.

What’s the full path to your wordpress installation? i tried /wordpress and /wp or is it located directly in your www root?

And: is it a shared hosting or dedicated Server / VPS?

mod_security on ?

This time the site is opening. This error is shown mostly nd sometimes the site is open. Where is the issue. What is mod_security

Nd now it’s not showing anything. Blank website

Seems to Work, but not behind Cloudflare. What was the solution?

Sir I’ve changed the servers.

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