Forbidden. (Code: 10007) on DNS Records page

Hi all,

I’m new here. I have error message: Forbidden. (Code: 10007) shown when I open DNS Records page.

Here is the chronology:

  • I registered a new domain with the pro plan and then registered all the DNS records for this domain
  • I haven’t move my NS domain at the domain registrar to cloudflare name servers
  • Everything is fine until here.
  • I accidentally deleted my pro plan domain because I thought it was another domain that I wanted to delete.
  • I immediately realized and immediately re-registered the domain and tried to check everything
  • Fortunately my Pro Plan is still active
  • All of my domain’s DNS records still exist but I get this Forbidden error message on this page.

What does this message mean? Can I remove it? does it will affect

Anyone having solution for this? Please help. Thank you

forget about this, I have forced to remove the domain and recreate another one with a new pro plan