"Forbidden. (Code 10007)" Error message when adding workers routes on any domain in account

When I attempt to add a route via workers for any domain, “Forbidden. (Code 10007)” pops up at the bottom of the browser window, often multiple times. The route does look like it has been added, but the error message throws me off.

I have not seen this behavior in the past, so I’m not sure what is causing it. My worker usage per day is under the allowable limit, as well.

Any ideas?


This happens with domains registered/purchased via Cloudflare Registrar, if that helps. Support ticket submitted.

Still awaiting response from support, but I can confirm that the routes are working as expected, despite the error popup. I believe they had been working the whole time. I attempted to delete and recreate the worker (saw that suggestion in a different post), but the error message continued to show.

I had a few hundred routes assigned, so putting them back is going to be a little time-consuming (unless anyone knows of a way to bulk-add worker routes to multiple domains…) I just wanted to save someone else the trouble of deleting and recreating a worker to see if that helps get rid of the error message (it didn’t in my case).

Same issue here.

The workers page is causing the browser to make many XHR calls to this address every few seconds:


which is returning HTTP 403 and the following response body:

“result”: null,
“success”: false,
“errors”: [
“code”: 10007,
“message”: “Forbidden.”

This causes those red error popups at the bottom to stack up on top of each other.

Hopefully someone from CF sees this and hopefully this helps them fix the issue.

Same issue here! I’ve added a route via workers for my domain, and I get this “Forbidden. (Code 10007)” warning pops up at the bottom of the browser window.

also I noticed that my workers does not interact with any traffic on HTTPS from any other ports(such as 2053, 8443)

except port 443.

Hello all, I’ve responded to your ticket @bertrellakajadox, and will continue our support there.

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I am having the exactly same issue, can you help explain?

I am also experiencing this. :confused: No response from support yet.

@bertrellakajadox @hash1hao @hamedshadmehri @sean33 I’ve been notified by our workers team that this is a bug in the dashboard. Nothing is wrong with your configuration and doesn’t impact actually adding a route.

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@dj12 I’ve looked into your ticket. Your error is different and an agent is working with you on the ticket. Please continue support there.

Unfortunately, I can’t consider this topic solved for me, since I can’t actually set a Zone in my route. I can select the domain, but once it’s selected, I get that red Forbidden. (Code: 10007) banner.

The blue “Save” button stays greyed out throughout the entire process, so the Zone isn’t saving, and thus I can’t deploy my Worker.

Please advise. Thanks.

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