For Wordpress sites with Cloudflare PRO Plan, does it make any sense to use security plugin like Wordfence?

hello, does it make any sense to use a plugin like Wordfence, WP Cerber Security or BBQ Firewall along with a Cloudflare PRO plan?
I’ve seen some threads with opinions, but I wanted to understand if in practice there is any benefit in adding a security plugin for Wordpress when we are using Cloudflare PRO.

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Absolutely! Cloudflare does a very good job of protecting against general attacks, but Wordfence provides specialized protection for WordPress, plus scans for compromised plugins and themes and a ton of other great features.

You also mention BBQ. I also run the 7G Firewall which also catches quite a bit.

Of all the protection on my site, Wordfence has the biggest performance impact. But it’s somewhat negligible considering all the caching I do at Cloudflare.

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