For Speed Up I need help please!

What shows as :x: on DNS checker? Looks OK to me.

Maybe someone else can notice something.

Sorry I am unclear what that means. Assuming you have the correct value for mail (that it actually points to your mail server) then changing the record to not be proxied is the correct course of action. If it is that you see “This record is exposing your origin…” this is true. There is nothing Cloudflare can do to resolve that, your mail server runs on the same server as your webserver. You can either leave that as is or you can choose to host your mail with another service on another server.

If you are receiving some other kind of error can you please describe the error? No one here can know the value of the mail server for your environment, the company providing that service should confirm it for you. If you are receiving an error you will need to describe it.


Okay this way my mails working good but now

i live problem for that mails setup in my phone because i see not found servers about “” for coming and outgoing servers…

Your phone needs to use for coming and going mail servers.

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I tryed but not solve give error “not answer your server to

Just Using Cloudflare will not make your website fast.
What is your wesbite built with?
Have you optimised your website, images, enabled caching etc?

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