For Speed Up I need help please!


The images on your site are taking far too long to load. Absurdly so relative to your other resources.

I buy to wp-rocket cache plugin give it to very fast on my page im very glad. but i should setup it with Cloudflare but how can do that i dont know.

other; i have problem for about my mails.

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You’re currently using GoDaddy as a CDN, I believe from what that screenshot shows. I’m not familiar with GoDaddy’s panel. But if you are, flip off that switch and use only Cloudflare.

Edit: Nvm. That’s your wordpress panel. What plugins are you using? Which of the “optimizations” are you using? What’s the cache set to? There may very well be conflicting settings - that interfere with your Cloudflare optimizations.

no godaddy show that ;

that mean is “you dont use godaddy nameservers because of we couldnt show you value”

Using a rule for both files cached by Cloudflare and static HTML. As outlined above.

A link to this learning center content popped up when I loaded this thread, it may be helpful,

And, this search as a lot of really good input to specific performance use cases,


i cant answer here because system hold on me for 16 hours. sorry.
i think of i solve with wp rocket plugin my page apen very fast now i so so glad and i do intr0 advice rule completed.

but i have problem for about mails;
dns record not good for me i think of what i should do how can i solve this problem?

Hi @promaxestate, click the :orange: next to the A record named ‘mail’ to turn it :grey: and check your MX record is pointing to and your mail should work OK if it is configured correctly at your host.

I would also suggest you delete the 2 NS records which appear to be pointing to GoDaddy, as Cloudflare is providing your DNS, you shouldn’t need those.

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not solve

i cant solution maybe someone help me here. where and which point i did do wrong.

for i can use Cloudflare i saved nameservers on godaddy

godaddy show me “i cant show to you anythings because your nameservers not managing here”

after i see my Cloudflare dns page and i cant lose (!) if i can lose again not work my mails.

@domjh instructed you to change the mail record from :orange: to :grey: but based on the screenshot you have not done that.

Can you explain why?

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because not solved

How can you know if it will solve the issue when you haven’t done it?

Maybe someone else can help here, I can’t provide more details than I already have!

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I did do that yesterday but not solved because of i turn old way. just that what happen there )

What about those NS records that shouldn’t be there?

That looks like a much better setup at Cloudflare, if your mail if configured right at your host and the DNS records match those requested, should work now.

my host from godaddy and they couldnt help me support department because nameservers not managing from us say that me.