For Speed Up I need help please!

how is :frowning: thats way generally i need step by step with pic. or touch help.


The images on your site are taking far too long to load. Absurdly so relative to your other resources.

I buy to wp-rocket cache plugin give it to very fast on my page im very glad. but i should setup it with Cloudflare but how can do that i dont know.

other; i have problem for about my mails.

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You’re currently using GoDaddy as a CDN, I believe from what that screenshot shows. I’m not familiar with GoDaddy’s panel. But if you are, flip off that switch and use only Cloudflare.

Edit: Nvm. That’s your wordpress panel. What plugins are you using? Which of the “optimizations” are you using? What’s the cache set to? There may very well be conflicting settings - that interfere with your Cloudflare optimizations.

no godaddy show that ;

that mean is “you dont use godaddy nameservers because of we couldnt show you value”

Using a rule for both files cached by Cloudflare and static HTML. As outlined above.

A link to this learning center content popped up when I loaded this thread, it may be helpful,

And, this search as a lot of really good input to specific performance use cases,


i cant answer here because system hold on me for 16 hours. sorry.
i think of i solve with wp rocket plugin my page apen very fast now i so so glad and i do intr0 advice rule completed.

but i have problem for about mails;
dns record not good for me i think of what i should do how can i solve this problem?

Hi @promaxestate, click the :orange: next to the A record named ‘mail’ to turn it :grey: and check your MX record is pointing to and your mail should work OK if it is configured correctly at your host.

I would also suggest you delete the 2 NS records which appear to be pointing to GoDaddy, as Cloudflare is providing your DNS, you shouldn’t need those.

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not solve

i cant solution maybe someone help me here. where and which point i did do wrong.

for i can use Cloudflare i saved nameservers on godaddy

godaddy show me “i cant show to you anythings because your nameservers not managing here”

after i see my Cloudflare dns page and i cant lose (!) if i can lose again not work my mails.

@domjh instructed you to change the mail record from :orange: to :grey: but based on the screenshot you have not done that.

Can you explain why?

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because not solved

How can you know if it will solve the issue when you haven’t done it?

Maybe someone else can help here, I can’t provide more details than I already have!

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I did do that yesterday but not solved because of i turn old way. just that what happen there )

What about those NS records that shouldn’t be there?

That looks like a much better setup at Cloudflare, if your mail if configured right at your host and the DNS records match those requested, should work now.