For Speed Up I need help please!

i want to see my page very speed open time under 2.5s.
for that what i need i dont know and i need help here.
i connected my website here and activated somethings but i didnt know very well what i did do so.

please help!

step by step

What’s the domain?

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Your site isn’t going through Cloudflare. It’s probably set to :grey:. It needs to be set to :orange: in DNS.

Yes you are right! so i say mean that ; what i should do and how i can do done for about use Cloudflare features

I need help to done for me Expert for about my website all setting done with perfect select

Two page rules to use:

  1. https://**

You can adjust the Browser cache TTL to suit your specific needs.

  1. https://**?*static=true*

Using an even longer Browser Cache TTL for the static assets on your site.

Also, in the Speed section of the dashboard, use every resource available to you by making sure all switches are turned On & all boxes are checked in the Auto Minify setting.

2.5s is a worthy goal. Though it may not be a realistic one for sites with dynamic content loading via a blogging platform such as Wordpress. Note: It took 4s for your site to fully populate for me, and the perceived wait time didn’t go behind my personal limit, which is fairly low.

Edit: I just measured the load times for your About Us Franchise & Contact Us sections from within the main site. Each loaded in ~2.75s.

Using the suggestions I gave you along with all relevant optimizations available in the Network section of the dashboard, this is what my analytics show over the last 6 hours for Bandwidth Saved, Servers Needed, etc.


Thank you very much for answer and help, i do that and saved the same your says. but really i dont have any idea what i do. maybe this settings not work good because of i did selected many options give wrong to effect.
but thank you very much!

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If you’d screenshot your settings, leaving out all sensitive information, we can better help you.

Obviously, use https://** and https://**?*static=true* for the two page rules to use. Having a separate rule for static content not normally affected by caching rules makes a big difference.

page show like this now.

i need setting from real expert from 0 to 100 my Cloudflare panel and features… :frowning:

I think the subject should be handled from the beginning, first of all I use godaddy hosting service. I don’t know if it’s enough and fast, but it’s broadcasting. That’s where I started my first installation.
next topic correct domain redirects www and secure security bissure file in httaccess file, I’ve tried to add something by reading the forums, but may be causing errors and conflicts. I didn’t do most things consciously and experienced.
The next issue should be in-site optimization I’m not using a cache program, I’ve tried most of them all off.
The next issue with the Cloudflare from scratch adjustments should be done accurately and consciously according to the site.

I need to do them step by step, but I’m not a software developer and I’m afraid of doing something wrong and I can’t be sure of the variable situations and options.

If you’re self-hosting your site, which it sounds like since you’ve got .htaccess rules for Apache set up, and your domain name is being hosted with GoDaddy, dump them and transfer your domain name to Cloudflare. It will save you money. A lot of it.

Regarding your settings, in order for anyone to help you, you’d need to detail what you currently have setup within each www/example-directory for your httpd.conf as well as .htaccess. Leave out all sensitive information.

According to that screenshot, GoDaddy is taking as long if not longer (as it was loaded before your site) than your site itself. One more reason to leave them if you’re self-hosting via Apache.

how is :frowning: thats way generally i need step by step with pic. or touch help.


The images on your site are taking far too long to load. Absurdly so relative to your other resources.

I buy to wp-rocket cache plugin give it to very fast on my page im very glad. but i should setup it with Cloudflare but how can do that i dont know.

other; i have problem for about my mails.

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